6 Facts About Plumbing – It’s More Interesting Than You May Think!

6 Facts About Plumbing – It’s More Interesting Than You May Think!

When you think about plumbing, you may believe that this is a field on the dull side. However, there are many interesting facts and stories regarding the plumbing industry that may change your mind. We’d like to share a few interesting and strange things about Plumbing that you probably didn’t know.

Plumbing is Going Green – in the past, the concept of going green with your plumbing was seen as somewhat of a fad. However today eco-friendly options are the way of the future. Green Plumbing fixtures like low-flow toilets and more-efficient showerheads reduce water usage and still deliver performance. What could be better than that?

Options – Today, consumers have the choice between both a tankless water heater that may save money over time and more efficient traditional water heaters. Both of these are usually a good option to deliver hot water when it is needed most.

Trenchless Sewer Repair – Repairing a sewer or water pipes underground used to mean having your entire yard dug up–leaving a mess. However, new advances in trenchless sewer line repair are a great alternative. It gets the job done without leaving a mess.

Famous Plumbers – Did you know that the most famous plumbers worldwide are animated? Mario and Luigi, also known as the Super Mario Brothers, are an immensely popular team of plumbers in a Nintendo game franchise. They receive credit for making plumbing look fun.

Watch What you Flush – While the #1 cause of toilet clogs is paper, the second leading cause may surprise you. Kids toys, which are usually flushed by a child too young to know better, can wreak havoc on your pipes.

Look out for Snakes – While it doesn’t happen often, it is possible for snakes and other slimy critters to wind up in the plumbing of a home or commercial building. Not long ago, a San Diego woman found a boa constrictor emerging from her toilet bowl that had climbed into the pipes in another area of her building.

As you can see, there are a lot of interesting things about the plumbing industry. If you would like more information about what the plumbing contractors at Ford’s Plumbing can do for you, contact us today. We have 24/7 emergency plumbing services available to help you with your problems both exciting and mundane. We look forward to working with you